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Get Thee To A Monastery

by | 13th, May 2004

‘HAVING noted how men who go for skinny women are more likely to cheat, we turn to news of Prince Charles, who famously married and cheated on Princess Diana, the perfect size 10.

‘My mum says never to trust a Greek flogging off his gifts’

This week, Charles gets time out to contemplate that and more as he holidays on the self-governing Greek Orthodox republic of Mount Athos in northern Greece.

As he lies in his 12ft by 10ft whitewashed cell, he can meditate on his naval career, his ex-wife, his current squeeze Camilla and wonder what life would have been like had he been blessed with his sister’s looks, Andrew’s selflessness and Eddie’s way with tweed.

As it is Charles is Charles is Charles, and as such is spending his time at the Vatopedion monastery painting and worrying about Charles.

But there could be more to it. The Express is of the mind that the heir to the throne is so enthralled by the Greek Orthodox religion that he’s possibly planning a conversion.

And it’d be a move not without its advantages, since, as the paper puts it, the Greek way takes a kinder view on divorcees remarrying than his current Anglican faith.

And that would mean a marriage to the lovely Camilla, herself a divorcee and by our calculation more than a size 12.

Not that she’s holidaying with Charles, since the monastery forbids women and, for some reason that utterly escapes us, even female animals from its compound.

Which is something else for Charles to think about…’

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