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Pitts Of Despair

by | 13th, May 2004

‘BRAD Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are to split. Who said so? No less an authority than the National Enquirer, the magazine that first revealed news that Julia Roberts’s marriage to Danny Moder was on the rocks.

Brad and Jen snapped in the middle of a furious argument

However, if the Enquirer’s word is not good enough for you (and it wasn’t good enough for Julia who is stubbornly refusing to accept that her marriage is over), the evidence that the couple are growing apart is compelling.

On April 27th the couple were spotted dining out 2,000 miles apart – he was in Chicago with five of his Ocean’s Twelve co-stars and she was in LA with best mate Courtney Cox.

And three days later, the couple were 3,000 miles away – Brad was in New York, while Jen was out on the town in LA.

That’s 1,000 miles in three days – an alarming rate, say experts, for any couple to be growing apart.

Add that to the verdict of unnamed sources – “Word was, he and Jen were kaput,” says one – and a bit of ill-informed speculation and a break-up seems inevitable.

But the thing that has really driven the nail into the coffin of the marriage is an interview that Brad Pitt has given to this month’s Vanity Fair.

In it, he says: “Jen and I always made a pact that we’ll see where this relationship was going…you keep going as long as you’re growing. When that dies, we do.”

This startling confession, is the Enquirer says, “the latest in a string of ominous signs that there’s trouble in paradise”.

Of course, it could have gone on to quote the rest of the Vanity Fair interview.

For instance, a quote from Brad as he stood arm in arm with his wife and bid as the interviewer goodbye – “I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

We give it a week…’

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