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Before Victoria

by | 13th, May 2004

‘SO far so very good. The cover of this week’s Hello! suggests that Jamie and Louise Redknapp are taking the challenge to be the new Beckhams seriously.

‘If it’s a boy I’m gonna call him Manhattan’

We see Louise, the former pop star, lying prone on a chair, while her footballer husband puts his head on her pregnant stomach and looks inspired.

Now if they could just wear fewer clothes and show off some tattoos, and if his head could move a few inches up to her breasts, and if she can show more teeth, then we might be getting even closer.

But this is the Redknapps’ first time before the cameras. As the headline says: “EXCLUSIVE:


So having seen the snaps, let’s now take a look at the words, and see if Jamie and his elfin wife have picked up any more tips from Dave and Vicky.

The signs are in the affirmative, as Louise tells us about “her great husband…wonderful family and fantastic career”.

And well done indeed, as she goes onto say that her pregnancy is making her feel “fat” before giving a detailed account of that pregnancy to date.

And then the coup de grace. The patient build-up cannot go on indefinitely, so Hello! steps in, interrupting Louise as she moves into the second trimester of her birth seminar and announcing that in 1998 the Redknapps “were seen as the hottest couple in showbusiness until Victoria and David came along”.

“Inevitably they are often compared to the Beckhams,” says the magazine, “yet Louise and Jamie have always tried to live their lives out of the limelight as much as possible.”

So what changed? Well, first came Rebecca Loos and then Louise felt she and her man had “got something important to share” with the world.

So she tells the world how they are just like any other couple, and how he messes up the cushions and leaves all the drawers open.

We know Louise feels as good about telling us that as we do about knowing it. But she’s not sitting on her laurels and goes on to say that Jamie, her best friend, is her “rock”.

Yes folks, why stop at the Beckhams when you can be the new Princess Diana and Paul Burrell?’

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