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Westlife Women

by | 13th, May 2004

‘TIME to catch up with how a few other hopefuls are getting on in the contest to be the new Beckhams.

‘Oi’m posher than that feckin’ eejet’

So it’s over to Dublin we go for a date with the “Westlife Wives” as they perform at a fashion show.

Of course, there are no footballers in these relationships – these are singer-spouse couplings – but there are legs on show that would not be out of place at some of the leading Premier League grounds.

The first pair belongs to Kerry McFadden, who “proved she could strut her stylish stuff with the best of them” when she took to the catwalk.

Those of an historical bent will recall when Her Poshness took to the catwalk a few years back, stepping out on the runway in a pixie-ish, pea-green creation.

Well, McPadding’s outfit is nothing like that one, what with it being yellow and brown. What’s more you can’t see her nipples through the fabric, as you could with Posh all those moons ago.

So what she gains in the general, she loses in the detail. But not that her companions on the runway fare much better.

To one side of her is Gillian Filan, wife of Westlife’s Shane, who can be seen clad in the kind of fashion Ivana Trump used to wear to put out the bins in the mid-1980s.

There is much shiny fabric stretched tight over pink flesh. The tan is a nod to Posh, but no more than a cursory one. Gillian is a rank outsider for Posh’s crown.

Georgina Bryne, who sashays up the ramp to Kerry’s left hand, shows more promise. For starters, she is the daughter of Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, so she’s posher than most.

We’d like to investigate her credentials closer, but McPadding’s popped up, gamely illustrating that when it comes to pushiness she can mix that with the best of them on that score too.

“I’m 23 and I’ve done everything,” says she, alluding to the time she rode an elephant backwards through a field of cocaine on they Isle of Wight while reciting her Nobel–prize winning scientist paper on the cure for cancer.

“I’ve been in foster homes, in refuge houses and I’ve travelled the world, nothing fazes me.”

She’s also been cheated on by her lover, which, coupled with her musical abilities still places her at an advantage when it comes to the contest to be the new Posh…’

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