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Posh To A T

by | 14th, May 2004

‘IT’S day three of Posh’s T-shirt odyssey and she’s in Los Angeles.

Posh hadn’t eaten since she accidentally glued her teeth together

The Express’ roving T-shirt reporter caught up with Victoria ‘Mrs Beckham’ Beckham as she attended a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game wearing a white vest with the team’s logo on the front.

Our team of code breakers are still trying to decipher what yesterday’s Mickey Mouse T-shirt meant, but today’s creation is surely stating a much clearer message.

And that message is, according to the Express, that Posh is thin.

This is less than groundbreaking news, we grant you, but Posh deserves the exposure for seemingly achieving the impossible and becoming even thinner than she was.

The vest allows us to see her ‘painfully thin’ arms, while the bones in her neck and shoulders stood out ‘prominently’.

But she’s not wasting away, at least not according to a friend of hers who says, ‘Anyone who sees her having lunch will know she always has a big appetite’.

Oddly enough, though, the millions of us who have watched Posh do just about everything aside from squatting on the toilet and racing to the top of the pop charts have never seen her eating lunch…or breakfast, dinner, tea or even a midnight snack.

Save for sucking the face off her husband whenever a camera is close by, we’ve seen next to nothing go into her mouth.

And her husband’s not seen her eating much, at least not recently, what with him being in Spain and her being in America.

However, Posh can still see her man – he features on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in a series of shots by top snapper Annie Leibowitz.

And that’s because Becks, as the Sun says, is now ‘officially’ a US icon. While his wife has yet to crack Melton Mowbray, Becks has conquered Britain, Japan, Spain and now the US.

‘Life’s just not fair,’ says the Sun. Which is a decent enough assessment of Posh’s current condition. And a fitting slogan for her next T-shirt…’

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