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Court Out

by | 17th, May 2004

‘WHEN Tony Blair leaves Number 10, ascending to the Heavens in a golden chariot, what will his legacy be?

‘This is not a popularity contest,’ say government’s newest judges

All politicians, however selfless they appear, must wonder at some time or other how they will be remembered in the history books.

But Tony’s legacy is being muddied by the day.

He has been the most voter-friendly Labour politician ever, and that should secure him some bragging rights in the hereafter.

But other things are less certain. Take his plans for the new supreme court.

The Times has had a look at them and noted that the blueprints are to be put in “cold storage” for ten years because a suitable building can’t be found to house the legislative chamber.

Only when a building is ready will the supreme court, a key element of the Government’s Constitutional Reform Bill, be ready to dispense justice.

That a lack of building was no problem when is came to housing the devolved assemblies in Scotland and London (and Euan Blair in Bristol) will not escape the eyes of the taxpayer.

But the legal reform, attacked, as the paper reminds us, as ill-thought-out when they were announced, will be put on ice until that pile of bricks and cement can be found.

Let’s just hope the Government can house its project somewhere before it disappears in a puff of smoke, like Tony and his plans for cutting the red tape for small businesses, a total ban on fox hunting, an ethical foreign policy, an integrated transport system…’

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