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Maid In The Philippines

by | 17th, May 2004

‘FOR millions of us Tony Blair has been more than a spiritual leader.

A Leo

To the middle-classes, he has been the epitome of what can be achieved on a simple diet of Tuscan holidays, Jamie Oliver recipes and Paul Smith cuffs.

As a result of his guidance, we now all live better lives, eat better food and have better children called Leo.

And that’s created a problem – there are no longer enough Philippino maids to serve our needs.

Every woman from that Asian land is now already employed in the service of ‘Tony’s People’.

And things are going to get worse before they get better.

The Times reports that Tony’s Government will today unveil plans for a new breed of domestic help.

Working parents will be able to claim tax breaks worth up to £140 a week to pay for nannies to look after their little Jacks and Chloes.

All very well and good for Gordon and Sarah, you chime, but where will the new breed come from? Can you get the staff?

Well, the people that brought you Dolly The Sheep have been contacted and Monica The Maid will be in the shops sometime soon…and the bathroom, up a ladder cleaning out the guttering, running the kids to school…’

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