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Trouble On The Cards

by | 17th, May 2004

‘THE SUN alarms us this morning with a strangely paranoid story about supermarket loyalty cards.

Buy two tins of tongue and get a free Oliver

It explains that the cards are used by the shops to monitor our purchases and to direct suitable offers to us.

So if we buy a lot of toilet rolls, they will send us special offers on more of the same, or incontinence pads, or… Well you get the picture.

This has got them thinking. Supposing other people saw these mailings. They would find out things about you that you might not want them to know. Such as what? That your cat eats Tesco tuna eyelids instead of Felix salmon surprise?

No, stupid. “They could spill the beans about your secret affair or out-of-control booze habit.”

For example, “your partner may smell a rat as suspicious money-off promotions for French letters arrive in the post”. Or, if you’re an alcoholic, “drink-related promos may come through the letterbox”.

So be warned. The reason your missus hasn’t noticed the smell of strange perfume, lipstick marks and “late-night working”, is probably because she’s been too busy scrutinising your Sainsbury’s junk mail – if she can find it at all under the piles of empty gin bottles, of course.’

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