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Corps Blimey!

by | 18th, May 2004

‘WHAT we have seen in Faliraki, and now in Iraq, is that the cream of British youth can make a massive impact when they travel abroad.

‘Fancy a peace of this? Heh-heh!’

It’s something Gordon Brown has also noticed, and the Times hears the Chancellor suggest that young people from poor backgrounds should be given money from the public purse to take gap years and ‘change the world’.

‘If you take gap years, why is it that only people who have got money can actually take a year off or six months or three months off?’ he asked an audience at Youth Culture Television, a London-based educational charity.

Answers to that poser include, ‘The Job Seekers’ Allowance won’t allow it’, ‘Package tours to Faliraki usually last only two weeks’, and ‘They do, but the Government calls it ‘benefit fraud”.

But Gordon thinks it’s all terribly unfair, and suggests that more British youth should be despatched to places like Africa to sort out ‘the health, the education and other problems’.

So all being well, it won’t be long before the UK Peace Corps’ Jordan and Lance are hosting the Congo’s first Wet T-Shirt Contest and seeing how many Slippery Nipples it takes until you can fill your sandals with vomit.’

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