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Absolutely Hurlarious

by | 18th, May 2004

‘ANORAK knows when it’s met its match and our humble attempts to put a smile on your face in the morning look pathetic compared with the Mail’s efforts.

Liz does her famous turkey impression

The paper carries not one, but two ‘hilarious’ columns this morning which will have Middle England laughing until her stretch marks ache.

The first is by Michael Simkins, a veteran star of the long-running Mamma Mia, who provides ‘a hilarious insight into Abba’s eternal appeal’.

The second is an extract of Molly Watson’s ‘uproarious’ new book, ‘concluding the hilarious story of a pair of city girls who joined the fox-hunting set in pursuit of romance’.

And that’s without such gems as ‘When Things Got Worse, I Turned To Verse. I Lost My Tumour – But Not My Sense Of Humour’, yet another David Beckham’s guide to ‘Spanish Like Wot It’s Spoke’ and a column by Dr Percy Seymour entitled ‘The Planets DO Rule All Our Lives!’

In fact, the only thing that isn’t pant-wettingly hilarious in today’s Mail appears to be Elizabeth Hurley’s new film, Method, which won’t be appearing at a cinema near you after going straight to video.

It is the latest in a long list of turkeys from La Hurley, which include such stinkers as Serving Sara (‘Hurley’s worst comedy yet’), Bad Boy (‘One of the least convincing lawyers in screen history’), Double Whammy (‘Woeful crime comedy’) and Bedazzled (‘Diabolical acting’).

‘The fact that this has come on top of flop after flop,’ a film source says, ‘means it is increasingly unlikely that Elizabeth Hurley will be chosen to take a lead role again.’

Ben Affleck, take note…’

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