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Bum’s The Word

by | 18th, May 2004

‘KATE Beckinsale has more than a few turkeys to her name – one thinks of Pearl Harbor, Serendipity and Underworld, to name but three.

‘Even as she read the script, Kate got a sinking feeling’

But she’s got a nice bum and, as J-Lo has shown, that’s foundation enough on which to build a Hollywood career.

This morning, that bum (clad in a white bikini and sporting the words ‘Mrs Wiseman’) is enough to secure Kate some prime tabloid real estate.

The Express and Mail both devote their Page 3s to the shots of the newlywed on honeymoon in Costa Rica with her film director husband.

The Star gives it Page 5, the Sun Page 7 and the high-brow Mirror waits until Page 11 before providing its readers with a close-up of the 30-year-old’s buttocks.

The Star even devotes an editorial to the picture.

‘Newly-wed Kate Beckincale emblazoned her bikini bottoms with the words – ‘Mrs Wiseman’,’ it says. ‘So if she forgets her married name, she’s got her arse covered.’

Laugh?! We thought we’d never stop…’

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