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Play Misty For Me

by | 19th, May 2004

‘TO the serried ranks of fake blondes we may one day be able to add the name of Stephen Goddard – or Misty, as he would like to be known.

International rock star makes scrambled eggs

But not quite yet – Stephen, who got down to the last 50 hopefuls for this year’s Big Brother, was hoping to use the £70,000 first prize to have a sex change operation.

But last night his dreams were dashed when producers told him that he was not going to be one of the final dozen.

‘I’m gutted,’ the 22-year-old tells the Star. ‘I would have been the best thing that could have happened to that show.

‘But I won’t give up. I’ll get in even if I have to balloon or parachute in.’

Even if Stephen gets into the house, there is no guarantee of a happy ending.

The Sun reports that Big Brother lovers Tom McDermott and Claire Strutton have split up two and a half years after having a baby together.

And Claire warned this year’s contestants not to go looking for love.

‘This is not what I dreamt of when I was a little girl,’ she said from her home in Marbella. ‘I never dreamt of growing up, having a baby and then being on my own.

‘Big Brother only lasts a few months and then you’ve got to get on with real life.’

Remember Paul and Helen. When they got out of the house, a life of fame and fortune beckoned (at least in their own minds).

These days, we hear that Paul has eschewed the life of an international rock star in favour of his old job as a car designer.

And (fake) blonde Helen has abandoned a career in TV and ‘hopes to open a hair salon’. For blinkin’ blondes.’

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