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Stand By Your Man

by | 24th, May 2004

‘THE T-shirts are off in the war to win back the public’s support.

‘Hands up, who’s slept with David Beckham?’

Signs are that Victoria Beckham has stopped communicating by shirt and is now speaking in a language more familiar to her as she poses in a low-cut, flimsy red dress.

She’s also using more conventional words to describe how she feels about her life these days in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, reproduced by the Sun.

And it’s refreshingly truthful stuff as Posh tells us: ‘I can honestly say I’m really lucky to have him.’

The ‘him’ is her Day-vid, the footballer who is alleged to have cheated on her with one, two, three or maybe even more women.

But after a promising first few touches, here’s where things begin to depart from reality – oops, best make that alleged reality.

‘To me, it’s just like a collection of women…I honestly couldn’t tell you all their names,’ says Posh of the harem of women rumoured to have been with her man.

‘David feels the same as me. People have said we should have sorted things out, but the bottom line is we’ve nothing to sort out.

‘I know for a fact David’s been faithful to me and I know it in my heart. It really comes down to knowing the truth yourself, that’s all that matters.’

Bravo! Who needs fancy lawyers to drag those scheming girls through the courts to protect your name and reputation when you know the truth? Not Posh and Day-vid. Solid as rocks, those two.

However, it does seem important to Posh that she should tell the world about the eternal truth of Day-vid’s loyalty, fidelity and how ‘he’s not the sort who…has loads of women around him’, lest we mistake him for a cheating, lying scoundrel and slam their marriage as sham.

But at least one good thing has come out of it all: Posh is off to live in Spain.

And she’s taking with her what the Star’s Vanessa Feltz calls a ‘foul, unsmiling snarl on her pinched little face’.

And some T-shirts – allegedly…’

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