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On the Throne

by | 24th, May 2004

‘HOW long can it be before Posh or agents known to her get on the phone and offer a fly-on-the-wall docu-soap about The Beckhams to the highest bidder?

‘And look what Brooklyn did this morning!’

We could then have it reaffirmed that David is a stay-at-home type who likes to watch Ground Force while his wife is a multi-talented artiste.

And we might even get to see them on the toilet, the one place the Beckhams have never yet invited us into.

And it could happen, especially if the new cameras in the lavs at the Big Brother house prove to be a hit, a splash and a whoosh.

The Sun says that the show’s toilet has two glass doors, and users can only be hidden from view only if both are closed.

The thinking is that to begin with, the contestants will take care to hide themselves from view, but a few drinking sessions and hot curries will loosen inhibitions.

‘We’ve specifically designed the house to make life difficult,’ says the show’s producer Shirley Jones – although she fails to say whether her policy is aimed at the show’s contestants or the watching audience.

But however bad it is, can it be any worse than the Poshes and Barrymores who have been and gone before..?’

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