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Plane Crazy

by | 25th, May 2004

‘WHEN leafing through the pocket of the seat in front, a cleaner on board a Thomas Cook chartered Airbus 320 from Ibiza to Gatwick found something unusual.

‘I must not leave notes on planes, I must not leave notes on planes…’

Amid the advice on what to do in the event of a crash, a brochure extolling the benefits of a three-inch high ruby and gold crusted tiepin (with free ‘Cooky’ teddy bear) and the usual complimentary snack-in-a-bag of chunky carrot and pea soup was a note.

Its message was clear: ‘You will all die.’

Had the cleaner been of a philosophical bent, he would perhaps have chortled to himself, laughing at the futility of life and got on with his job.

Instead, he called the captain, who initiated security procedures.

The plane was swept thoroughly and then, as the aircraft was taxi-ing on the runway ready for take-off, was ordered back for another search by the local Guardia Civil.

No bomb was found, but the powers that be did manage to track down the author of the profound message, revealed to be a certain Jamie Ellis, from Eltham, London, who had travelled on an earlier flight.

‘It’s been dealt with – that’s all,’ said Jamie’s dad when the Express caught up with him by the hotel pool.

‘Our kid’s been given a telling off and that’s the end of it,’ added his brother.

But where is the wee scamp? No-one is telling, but beneath an orange hood in a remote part of Cuba, a young lad is wondering when his turn will come…’

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