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Coming Of Age

by | 25th, May 2004

‘AT the age of 21, most British women will have been pregnant at least three times, while most British men will be on the run from the Child Support Agency.

Baby A

Male or female, they will be taking a degree in media studies at the University Of North East Cleveland, hoping for a job presenting T4 on Channel 4 but with only the realistic prospect of a job at the checkout of the local Asda.

And they will have already appeared on at least two reality shows and still be nursing a grudge against that nasty Simon Cowell.

What they’re not doing – unless they’re a High Court judge or live in the Forest Of Dean – is wearing nappies and suckling on their mother’s breast.

This morning’s Guardian reports on the case of the baby boy who was born two years ago from 21-year-old sperm, frozen as the father was facing treatment for testicular cancer.

The paper says the case, reported in the Human Reproduction journal, offers hope to thousands of young people who may lose their fertility through chemotherapy.

‘We believe this is the longest period of sperm cryo-preservation resulting in a live birth so far reported in the scientific literature,’ said fertility consultant Elizabeth Pease.

Despite his advanced age, the baby boy, whose identity has not been revealed, is much like his peers.

The only difference is said to be a worrying tendency to wear make-up, his hair in a quiff and his jacket collar up.’

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