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Cherry Baby

by | 25th, May 2004

”MARRY in haste, remarry at your leisure’ is the new maxim written in fine print below the famous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign.

‘I’ve got my parents’ car for the night…’

We still have a few of the original crab sticks and Viennetta slices from the fist time Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman, having kept a souvenir of that great day.

But in the interests of true love, we’ll ship our memories to them so that they can relive the entire experience almost exactly as it once was.

And pals of the couple are telling the Enquirer that the actors will remarry before the year is out.

‘Nicole’s gradually succumbing to Tom’s charms and pals are beginning to believe that love a second time around is a real possibility,’ says a source close to the pair.

It’s a similar scenario with Paula Abdul and her former husband Emilio Estevez.

After accidentally bumping into each other a decade after they divorced following a two-year marriage, the pair hit it off and are now an item.

But this time they are not rushing into things and, despite rekindling a faded romance, they are taking things slowly.

And that’s a good thing, since if Paula or, for that matter, Nicole really want to make it feel like the first time on their wedding night, they’ll need a while for the stitches to heal on their reattached hymens.

It seems that women are spending up to $2,000 a time on this new craze – to appear virginally intact.

‘When I do this surgery, nobody would ever be able to tell the woman was not a virgin,’ says Dr Louis Palma of New York.

‘In some societies virginity is a prize, so I basically make them a virgin again in an hour.’

And that’s a lot quicker than they took to lose their virginity the first time round.’

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