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Vodka & Olsen

by | 25th, May 2004

‘SUCH is the chasm between what we are told and what is real in Hollywood that when we read that the Olsen twins have been ‘X-POSED’ we fear the worst.

‘Make mine a double!’

For a long while we have suspected there is something outlandish about the perky, goblin-sized twins.

And it looks at first glance as if the X-files have finally caught up with them.

But the headline ‘X’ is not for X-terrestrial, but for X-rated, since the Olsens are not as pure as they pretend to be.

Indeed, Mary-Kate and Ashley are a pair of ‘hard-partiers who love to live it up with sex, drinking and rock ‘n’ roll’.

The scary pair, who turn 18 on June 13, have had sex and were seen not too long back running ‘amok’ though Hayden Hall, a dormitory at New York University.

Shocked and amazed by that, we also hear that one of the twins once said: ‘Alcohol tastes like water.’

A common complaint of anyone who’s ever been unfortunate enough to drink a Budweiser.

What’s more, ‘they don’t mind being around kids who smoke pot, and I’ve seen them drinking,’ says a source. ‘Vodka with a mixer of juice or tonic is their usual.’

Yes, they have a usual!’

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