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A New Political Dynasty

by | 26th, May 2004

‘BEFORE Iraq becomes the land of the free and the home of the brave in early 2005, just over one in five of us will embrace democracy and vote for our representatives in the European parliament on June 30.

‘We’d never go to war over oil,’ say Kilroy-Silk and Collins

That’s the percentage turnout the Guardian estimates will decide which politicos will go to Brussels and exercise the UK’s veto on hedgehog flavoured crisps, bendy bananas and whatever else it is that MEPs do.

And if you need any further inducement to vote, the Independent says that while making your mark at your local village hall, you might bump into Joan Collins, the newest patron of the UK Independence Party.

She’ll be voting in the European Elections for Britain to be out of Europe and withdraw from the European Union.

“I do feel that my country – I am English – is losing a lot of what I grew up with,” says Joan, who tells the Times that she has never actually voted before because she’s never been in her beloved England at the right time.

“I feel we are eroding ourselves to Brussels,” she adds.

That does sound painful, and it’s a pain Joan and her fellow UKIP supporters want to stop.

So alongside a picture of Joan walking with UKIP candidate Robert Kilroy-Silk (vote for him and he goes to Brussels – so vote!) is a list of some UKIP manifesto pledges.

And in among the party’s promises to abolish VAT and council tax, to strengthen border controls and make sunbeds free at the point of entry is the vow “to do whatever is necessary to reduce crime and criminality to the levels of the 1950s”.

Which as many historians would note, was a period that came after a big pan-European war in the 1940s.

So if the UKIP get in, watch out…’

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