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Not Too Posh To Push

by | 27th, May 2004

‘SOME days, the papers all agree on a story – and today is such a day.

‘Ruddy foreigners! Come to this country, sponge off the state…’

Only a couple go for the tempting option of recreating Charles Saatchi’s multi-million Brit Art collection that was lost in a fire earlier in the week.

The Mail builds a Tracey Emin tent and knocks off some Damien Hirsts for under 70 quid, but the Sun, as ever, offers the best value for money, at £39.99 for the lot.

However, there is one story that none of the tabloids can resist, and that is the latest gaffe by Princess Michael of Kent, or “Princess Pushy” as she is more commonly known.

She is famous for three things:

1) Being the only good-looking royal.

2) Being “pushy” – ie, pulling rank even over other royals.

3) Being rude – eg, telling a man at a bravery awards ceremony that he “must be mad”; asking a black actor if his nickname was Chalky.

It is the last of these traits which gets her into today’s papers. The Sun dubs her “LYING RACIST” and the others follow suit with different degrees of deference.

The Mail explains that the latest row involves an incident in a New York restaurant – not the best place to make un-PC remarks, unless, off course, your aim is to provoke a scandal.

Witnesses say that Pushy was at fashionable Da Silvano’s in Manhattan when she became irritated by the noise coming from a table occupied by “influential” people from the world of the media, banking and PR.

As they tell it, Pushy swept over to their table, slammed her hand down on it and said: “Enough! You need to quieten down!”

After an exchange of views, she told them they should “go back to the colonies” – a comment made particularly explosive by the fact that they were all black.

Needless to say, everyone is in uproar about this slight. And needless to say, they have all grabbed the wrong end of the stick. The Mail gives the full story, and it transpires that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

When challenged as to her meaning she claimed that she replied: “I didn’t say go back to the colonies – I said remember the colonies. There were rules in those days that were very good.”

There. That clears things up.’

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