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Making A Scene

by | 28th, May 2004

‘WITH Posh gone, Hamza on the point of going and our joint campaign with the UK Independence Party to get Kilroy-Silk to Brussels progressing nicely, Britain may yet be yanked from the yolk of terror.

‘The plot’s got more twists and turns than a Paris tunnel’ – Anorak

But news of Paul Burrell’s imminent departure to pastures new has been widely exaggerated, and the Telegraph learns that the rock-like former butler is still among us.

In fact, anyone who wants to can go and see and hear the man himself in the flesh making his claims about Diana, Princess of Wales, on the West End stage.

For one night only, The Rock will appear at the 2,100-seat Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, to tell all…again.

The show, entitled Paul Burrell: In His Own Words, will see the discreet and caring former butler tell anyone with the readies about what it was like working for Saint Diana of Nichols.

During the chat, he’ll talk about the good times (his book) the bad times (his book), and how it was that he came to be so very close to his employer, or so he claims.

And, what’s more, for an encore he will reveal “a few minor revelations” about life among the blue bloods.

That’s a thrill, but placed in the shade by the other news that after the 45-minute chat he will take questions from the public for an hour.

In preparation for his, please submit your questions to the usual address. But to get the ball rolling, here’s ours: “Mr Burrell, Rock, if we lend you our battered, white Fiat Uno will you drive off into the distance for good?”’

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