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Sweet Charity

by | 28th, May 2004

‘”HIYA!” ‘Oh, er, yes, hello.’

‘Spare some change for a cup of tea for a tribe in the Amazon, guv?’

“Got a moment to save a child from certain death?”

‘Er, well I was just going to get a sandwich, and…’

It’s now too late. You have answered her, and now you are hers. The smiley, happy, chirpy do-gooder (albeit one paid for the job) has snared another victim.

And there is no use running, because she’s not alone. She’s part of a pack of like-minded coves stationed in a street near you, determined to making you hand over some cash to farmers in Peru.

But no more. The Times says that these chuggers (charity muggers) are facing legislation that will put the brakes on their blocking tactics.

As part of a drive to reform charity rules, fundraisers will be required to hold a licence to beg and be subject to a two-stage test.

Firstly, they will have to prove their collectors are “fit and proper persons”. Secondly, they will need to pass a “capacity” test to endure that no other similar collections are taking place at the same time in the same place.

This will stop the assault courses approach to charity work that forces workers and shoppers to dodge the human bollards in those coloured bibs that step into the path.

Although, for many in this obese land, this is the only exercise we get…’

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