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Hyde And Speak

by | 28th, May 2004

‘HANDS up those of you who know who Damiel Hyde is? So that’s one…er…one.

David Hythe

And do you know what Daniel is famous for? Oh, you’ve put your hand down. You had an itch you say. So you don’t know who Damiel Hyde is.

Well, since we are all starting from the same page, let’s tell you that Daniel Hyde is “the bad boy actor everybody loves to hate in popular teen soap Hollyoaks”.

He has yellow spiky hair, wears a top that looks like he’s got a charge card at Clone Zone and has a nothing less than fascinating private life.

You see, Daniel once had a car accident. He lost control of his TVR sports care and flipped over four times.

“I think I was knocked out for a few seconds,” says he, now fully recovered, “and I actually came out of the car roof. It was as though God’s hand had reached down and picked me out and put me on the side of the road.”

It is indeed sensational stuff, and something he might like to share with the Dalai Lama when the pair meets.’

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