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Tat For Tit

by | 28th, May 2004

‘WHEN a man gets tattooed on his neck or face, it is usually his way of signalling that he plans to (a) have a mental breakdown, or (b) start a new life wandering the streets staring into the middle-distance and sitting on park benches drinking carrier-bagfuls of super-strength lager.

Surely one pain in the neck was enough

But when that man is David Beckham, it signifies nothing of the sort, of course. It is a statement, to be pondered and interpreted by all the world as though it were an ancient rune.

For most of this week, the papers have been busy churning out opinions on the aforesaid neck inscription, but now comes the real bombshell: a huge portrait of an angel on his right upper-arm, of the type that might have provided the frontispiece of a louche 1920s novella.

The sign of a man whose mind has cut adrift from its moorings? Not at all. According to a “marketing source” quoted in the Sun, the tattoo “drives home the message that he’ll fight to protect his marriage and his reputation”

And there is another, more important message to be driven home. The new tat was “unveiled” as part of a Gillette promotion, and the significance is not lost on the source.

“More important for him, it shows that the Rebecca Loos scandal hasn’t tarnished his image in the eyes of advertisers.”

Meanwhile Dr Linda Papadopoulos – described here as a “top behavioural scientist”, but better known as the woman who crops up on every pseudo-documentary on Channels 4 and Five – has a different take. “The popular excuse for not having a tattoo is people are worried how it will look when they are 70,” she says.

Leaving aside the question of why anyone needs an excuse not to have a tattoo, what does this tell us about Mr Posh? “David’s showing that he’s not a conformist,” concludes La Pop.

Or perhaps he simply doesn’t worry about how he will look at 70 – or 30, come to that.’

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