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O Brother!

by | 28th, May 2004

‘BECKS timed his latest tattoo well, because from today onwards he will be hard-pressed to find space in the tabloids for his antics. That’s because Big Brother starts today, and the Star promises that it will be “bigger than ever”.

Can you identify last year’s biggest loser?

A new cast of characters beckons, and before long we will of course be intimately acquainted with them all. But first, the paper invites us, with typical tact, to “MEET THE SAD LOSERS”.

The losers were “booted off the show before they got anywhere near the house”, and they certainly sound like a rum bunch.

There’s “a woman in her 40s who made bird noises and blew raspberries; a girl who boasted she would fart in front of anyone – and proved it; a nerdy bloke who ‘needed a new home’ after his mum caught him masturbating; a guy who…” Oh, you get the picture.

“It’s amazing the lengths people go to,” says executive producer Shirley Jones.

Like that sad geezer with the angel tattoos…’

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