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by | 28th, May 2004

‘AND FINALLY, in case you are having difficulty getting your head around the big issues of the day, help is at hand from two of the deepest thinkers of the moment.

‘Be careful how you get on your bike’

Michelle, 21, from Oldham is today’s Page 3 girl in the Sun, and she’s “glad hate-filled cleric Abu Hamza will be slinging his hook”.

“Send him to America to face the consequences of what he’s done,” says Michelle. “He hates Britain and is bad news. We’re better off without him.”

That’s that sorted, then.

And in case you are worried by reports of Britain’s obesity epidemic, here’s Lord Tebbit with his take on the issue.

It’s all down to the gays, you see. Or, as Norman puts it, Labour’s “promotion of buggery” is to blame. It breaks up families, you see. And that means that because people don’t eat together. And that makes people fat.

But Tory Chief Executive Ben Summerskill tells the Mirror that it is “incredible Lord Tebbit manages to shoehorn his extreme prejudices into a discussion on obesity”.

What’s the matter, Summerskill – you some sort of poof?’

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