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Best Friends

by | 29th, May 2004

‘IT’S not often the Enquirer produces something you just want to snip out and keep for all time.

The Channel 4 test card

And this week is no exception to the norm as the magazine unveils its Friends special.

There are “KISSES You’ll’ Never Forget”, 150+ Fabulous Photos”, “MOMENTS That Made You Laugh & Cry” and some “Insider Secrets”.

Do you remember “ROSS & MONICA’S DANCE ROUTINE”? Were you there for “MONICA & CHANDLER’S WEDDING”? Did you coo for “RACHEL &


Of course you know it all. Because even if you managed to avoid such seminal TV the first time round, Channel 4 has repeated Friends so often that now each of us have seen every second of the sitcom a brain-rotting seventeen times!

But what about the things we never saw? What about the stars of the show before they were famous.

Did you know, for instance, that Matt LeBlanc was working in a furniture store when he went for his audition? He was a large wooden rocking chair.

And who could have guessed that Lisa Kudrow once wanted to become a doctor? No-one but a genius, we’ll wager.

And step back in wonder at the news that David Schwimmer got the role of a nerdy Jewish guy without having to take even one audition. How? Let’s just say he was born to the part.

But now they’ve gone. Although you can still find them on Channel 4 – the one with the video stuck on loop – where they will go on forever.’

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