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No Moore Sex Please

by | 29th, May 2004

‘PSST! Wanna see some shots of Demi Moore almost naked in some compromising positions.

If you see this photo, call the cops

Oh, you’ve seen Striptease already. Curse our luck to find the one person who did.

But for fans for Demi’s flesh there is news that other pictures of the sculptured star in sexually provocative positions are out there.

Demi and her lover Aston Kutcher fear the private shots are in the public domain after someone broke into the home of Jason Goldberg, co-creator of Ashton’s show Punk’d, and stole his laptop computer, and nothing else.

And on that piece of technical gadgetry were around 100 shots of the famous couple in a clinch.

While we wonder why the thief stole only the computer, and why such shots were on it in the first place, we fear that Demi and Ashton will be embarrassed should they turn up on the sink of filth that is the Internet.

So if you see any shots of Demi flaunting her body (new or old), we’ll see to it that they are destroyed – and then recycled into something more appealing…’

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