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A Coyote Eat Dog World

by | 29th, May 2004

‘IT’S a dog eat dog world in Hollywood. And now it’s also a coyote eat dog world.

News that Friends has ended cheered Portia up

We read with a heavy heart that former Ali McBeal star Portia de Rossi’s pet pooch Bean is no longer among us.

He is dead, having been savaged to death by a wild coyote.

And so upset was Portia by the incident that she sought help in medication.

Things get worse yet when we learn that the remains of her beloved eight-year-old white Maltese are only with her in part.

“They tried to run off after it [the coyote],” says a pal, “but all they found was a tuft of bean’s white hair and a few spots of blood.”

This is desperately sad, and it’s no wonder Portia is beside herself with grief.

But why are you crying? Oh, don’t worry, your Friends will come back. Or at last they will try to in around ten years time when they haven’t worked for a decade…’

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