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BB Five Goes Mad

by | 29th, May 2004

‘WHEN Marco paraded before out eyes, we wondered if Friends had really ended.

Getting under our skin already

Was this Rachel, minus the hair but very much with the gauche mannerisms intact, scampering here and there “ohymygodding” as she went?

We wager that it is.

And so it was that the Big Brother cast assembled.

And let’s start with the positive. Firstly, each of the gang looks as though he and she has a personality, a character trait lacking in all of last year’s contestants.

But even among the egos, a few managed to stand out. Marco was one. Kitten was one more.

The Young Ones’ Rick (without the silent ‘P’ – she’s a lesbian), dressed like a student activist from a Viz comic strip, stuck up two fingers to anyone and everyone no less than five times as she flounced into the house.

She’s toast.

As is Jason, who arrived in a G-string in place of conversation. Daniel won’t win because he’s too tall. Victor is too insecure. Shell is too well spoken. Michelle will not do that well but she will get ‘em out in the Star. And at 44, Ahmed is just too old.

From the rest will come the winner. And the early money at Anorak Towers is on Stuart – the one with Rachel Green’s hair…’

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