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Building The Future

by | 1st, June 2004

‘THE drive to make good Britons of us all does not begin and end with the likes of Penny Palmano’s guide to childrearing and citizenship ceremonies.

‘On the count of three, press the button…’

The programme stretches far further than that, and now, as the Guardian reports, it includes the bad being retrained in the ways of the good.

What Barbara Woodhouse once did for dogs, David Blunkett wants to do for people, as he tells the paper how he plans to deal with “neighbours from hell”.

As it stands, the only way to deal with somebody up for eviction for anti-social behaviour is to rehouse them “so someone else gets a neighbour from hell”.

But his plan is to make social lepers earn the “right to be rehoused and be put back in the community”.

And he’ll do this by way of a compulsory rehabilitation programme, in which the unwanted will have to prove they are worthy of living among the decent.

The programme will include modules in parenting skills, financial management and anger management.

And those earmarked for the course (which is sure to end in a GCSE in Neighbourly Studies) will be housed in a secure council block with others like them.

Social workers will be on tap to provide family support, round-the-clock counselling and any assistance the prisoners, sorry, lucky few need to become better people.

Should they fail, then the entire block will be locked up and detonated by a team of explosive experts.

It might be harsh, but it’s the only language some people understand…’

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