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House Proud

by | 1st, June 2004

‘“IT’S not you, it’s me. I need time to grow…to be myself, to find out who I really am.

We knew it

“It’s not fair, I know, but to take you with me on this journey would be cruel. So go, spread your wings and learn to fly.”

And so it was that Kym Marsh’s record company set the songbird free. And boy has she ever soared high since the record company “let her go”.

Indeed, it was fate that they cut their ties, since just after ditching her (sorry, releasing her from the constraints of a stultifying pop world to be herself and let her talent shine), her father fell ill.

“I took a couple of months off,” says Kym of the period after she was released, “which I was glad of because my father wasn’t very well. I didn’t think I could have coped with that and work at the same time.”

Indeed, who could have? Kym is no superhuman – she’s flesh, bone and singing chords, just like the rest of us.

“It was nice to be able to do normal things like make the kids’ lunches and take them to school and come home and do some housework,” says she normally.

And so nice is it that we’ve every reason to believe that Kym has been bitten by the housework bug will be doing a lot more of it the future.’

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