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Where Eagles Dare

by | 3rd, June 2004

‘AN update from the esoteric world of art now, as we turn to the Times and its story of how Young British Artists are striving to plug the gap caused by the recent fire.

‘Quick! Get the sock!’

However good it is (and it is very good), our own Vomit In Sock would never be enough on its own, not even if we used a pair of socks.

More is needed, and the Times says that the old livestock-pickler Damien Hirst has heard our rallying cry and is busy at work on a new creation.

But, as usual, not everyone is happy. Ingrates are among us and neighbours living close to Hirst’s studio in the Cotswolds have been complaining.

Clive Eagles, his wife Tracy and their four children claim to have spent last weekend with their windows shut because of the stink caused by Hirst’s work.

“On Sunday the stench was so bad,” says Mr Eagles, ”we couldn’t open any of the windows.“

So he decided to do something about it. Leaving his home, Mr Eagles walked up to Hirst’s place and noticed a box lying outside the artist’s front door.

“As I walked towards the box the smell got stronger and there were loads of flies. When I opened up the lid it was revolting,” says he, adopting the role of art critic.

“There was a big lump of something that looked like a cow. It was vile.”

Vile? Surely he means to say, “challenging”.

But whatever was meant, Hirst’s neighbours are now demanding an apology from the creator.

However, what with their knowledge of art, we say that it’s them that should be doing the apologising…’

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