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The Fix Is In

by | 4th, June 2004

”IS Big Brother fixed?’ We’re sorry even to have to ask this question, but with our illusions recently shattered we no longer know what is true and what is not.

Michelle gets to grips with the Invisible Woman

And we’re not the only one – the Mirror also wants to know the answer to the question after it emerged that two of the show’s 12 contestants are friends in real life.

The paper says Kitten and Daniel grew up in the same area of Hull and even went to the same school as each other, becoming friends in 2002 after meeting at a local club.

A spokesman for the show said they were aware that the two were vague acquaintances, adding: ‘We can’t guarantee every person in the house does not know each other.’

Of course, choosing people who went to different schools and even grew up in different parts of the country is a pretty good start.

The Mirror insists the 12 contestants are supposed to be strangers and says the secret friendship ‘could blow the show apart’.

If Tony Blair can survive the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we suspect Big Brother will survive this little indiscretion.

Especially if it keeps on serving up generous helpings of girl-on-girl kissing for the readers of the Sun and Star.

The Sun gives pride of place to Vanessa licking Nutella chocolate spread from Emma’s tongue, but Emma was also caught on camera giving Kitten a little kiss.

And to make it a gay threesome, hairdresser Daniel got in on the act by giving balding beefcake Jason ‘a full-bloodied smacker’.

All of which gets the Sun very excited, prompting it to offer odds of 4-1 on the two men getting it together – the same odds as on heterosexual couple Stuart and Shell.

Alternatively, you can take the 4-6 offered by Anorak that the same thing will happen as has happened in every previous series of Big Brother – ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOTHING.’

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