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Fated And Feted

by | 4th, June 2004

‘FATE’S finger truly is fickle, and at the same time as it sent John Leslie from our TV screens, it beckoned his ex-girlfriend Abi Titmus into the celebrity fold.

Florence Nightingale never looked like this

Now, some of you might wonder why a former nurse whose only qualification, it would seem, was having slept with an ex-Blue Peter presenter (and half of his mates) is marked out for stardom.

But although Fate’s finger may be fickle, its eyesight is impeccable and it has spotted the very same attributes that have also caught the Star’s eyes.

For while Nature dealt Abi only a mediocre hand(ful), the 28-year-old has played her cards perfectly and – with the help of a couple of big dollops of silicone – now boasts a chest that we can all be proud of.

And no-one is prouder than the Star who plasters Abi and her Titmuses across its front page, while inside she ‘reveals the lot’…about her time on Hell’s Kitchen.

‘There is the caricature of me that has been painted, and there is the real me,’ she says. ‘Going on the show was about letting people see the real Abi Titmus.’

And going in the Star was about letting people see her less-than-real Abi Titmuses…’

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