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Dumb & Dumber

by | 4th, June 2004

‘IF Big Brother achieves nothing else, it is at least a reminder of the continued failings of the British education system.

Shell learns to clap

Jade Goody was lampooned for her complete ignorance of the whereabouts of East Angular, her confusion concerning the footballing skills of Rio De Janeiro and her invention of a whole new language, Portuganese, spoken of course in Spain.

Before her, Helen was the archetypal dizzy blonde, having unfortunately devoted all her attention at school to blinking instead of academic work.

But this sad mob are arguably worse than anything that has gone before.

Kitten is that worst kind of ass – the person who thinks the volume at which they express their opinion is somehow connected with the validity thereof.

Perhaps she should learn that Adolf Hitler wasn’t blown up sometime in the 1930s, as she confidently asserted – although the world would have been much better off if he had.

Michelle’s spelling could literally bring tears to our eyes – SHUGAR and SOSAGE both made an appearance on this week’s shopping list, but the ability to spell is perhaps not important for a woman whose ambition is to become a topless model.

And as for Emma…’

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