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J-Lo Day

by | 7th, June 2004

‘WE’D been here before, of course, but this promised to be the last time the old faces would assemble in such numbers.

‘Age shall not weary him nor the years condemn…’

It might just be possible to stage such a show again, but whatever lies in the future it can be nothing like as grand as the weekend’s re-enactment of past campaigns.

So let’s take a moment to remember theose who came before, and look to the Express’s tribute to the fallen.

We salute you Walter Ojani Noa. When you married Jennifer Lopez in 1999, it was meant to be for keeps. Who could have known?

And you too Cris Judd, the man with the missing ‘h’, who later became the ‘usband with the missing wife when Jennifer sounded the Last Post on your marriage.

Others never even made it that far, and the Express recalls the names of Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck, who both foundered on the beaches of J-Lo’s love.

But the weekend was not just about the past; it was also about the future. And so it was that Marc Anthony became the third Mr Lopez in a ceremony at his new wife’s Beverly Hills mansion.

The Mail heard ‘cheers and applause’ as La Lopez strode across the lawn clad in her traditional uniform of white wedding gown and veil, while a string quartet from the diva’s own corps of music performed Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and other marching songs.

A brief ceremony done with and the couple and their guests were whisked into a big white marquee for some big band music from all our yesterdays.’

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