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by | 7th, June 2004

‘BEFORE Jennifer Ellison rid the world of chef’s arse, women suffered terribly.

True blue

To see how bad things got, researchers into such matters were invited to log onto and buy pairs of worn G-strings and body stockings.

But thanks to Jen, women’s G-stings, panties, call them what you will, are now as fresh at the end of the week as they were on the day they first left the wrapper.

And Jen’s timing has been impeccable since the Pantopia site has just been closed down after it emerged that a women modelling a pair of briefs on its pages was the wife of Jonathan Cunningham, a prospective Tory councillor for Worcester city.

The Sun has one shot of the lovely Mrs Darlene Cunningham posing topless in an advert for the site her husband set up; and another picture of Mr Cunningham posing for the snappers with Tory leader Michael Howard.

The caption beneath the shot of Cunningham and his political master reads: ‘Cunningham with Conservative leader Howard in Worcester.’

The legend under the shot of Darlene is more thorough. ‘I love sharing personal items. I really do get off on my sexual openness.

‘All the girls including my horny, sexy self are real amateurs that get their sexual kicks from getting their t***s out.’

But the two parts of Cunningham’s life are very much separate, as his local Tory chairman Barry MacKenzie-Williams explains. ‘He [Cunningham] finds this acutely embarrassing but it has nothing to do with his political views.’

Or those of his wife…’

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