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Reall(it)y TV

by | 7th, June 2004

‘BIG Brother has excited every priapic Geordie with “I’m mad me” tattooed on his arse…and Jade Goody.

Really, really annoying

Jade is really, really, really exited about this year’s show and thinks it is going to be really, really good this year – although the sooner Stuart is kicked out the better.

“The one I really [really, really] don’t like is Stuart with the stupid headband,” says Jade. “It makes him look like he’s in a boyband.

“He keeps going on about how brainy he is and how many A-levels he’s got. I’m definitely going to vote him off.”

So she might. But Jade’s is but one vote, and there are 11 other loudmouths, show-offs and vanity cases vying for our attention.

And Jade has a word to say on all of them. And that word is “really”.

Ahmed is “really interesting”; Nadia is “really scared”; Marco “really makes me laugh”; Victor is a “really nice person”; Shell is “just pure English and I really think that’s great”; Jade “really” likes Emma; and Jade was “really surprised when he [Jason] turned out to be straight”.

And that’s really good, since Big Brother is a reality TV show. Really it is..’

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