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Trouble And Strife

by | 9th, June 2004

‘VICTORIA Beckham has no desire to be the centre of attention.

‘I want to be alone’

That is a bald statement of fact. It stands beyond dispute. But to avoid any misinterpretation of even this most simple truth, a source close to the reclusive singer is impelled to tell the Sun: ‘Victoria wants privacy in Portugal.’

‘She feels she’ll be the centre of attention if she stays with all the other wives and girlfriends,’ the source adds, ‘and hates the idea that everyone will be staring at her.’

Those other women are not parts of nice Mr Beckham’s travelling harem – the flight from his Madrid pad to Portugal is a short one, but the other women who will gawp at her Poshness are actually wives and girlfriends belonging to his England teammates.

So while the players, their spouses and their lovers stay at the down-at-heel five-star Penha Longa golf course near Lisbon, Posh will be hiding out in a rented villa.

And there, Posh can be ignored in considerable luxury. Not for her No.1 hit songs and a coruscating pop career in the limelight, just a quiet life with her children.

So we won’t hear another word said about this intensely private woman. Well, for about two seconds we won’t, because the unnamed Posh insider has a few more words to the wise.

‘Victoria is obviously the ultimate Footballer’s Wife,’ says the source, ‘but she doesn’t want to be part of that bitchy scene.

‘She doesn’t really mix with all the other wives because she’s so paranoid about security and about people gossiping about her and David.’

Not that David’s staying with her, since he’s in the hotel with all those other bitchy footballers’ wives. But to talk about what he’ll get up to there would constitute gossip.

And if there’s one thing Posh can’t stand, it’s people talking about her behind her back. Why, it’s an invasion of her hard-fought privacy…’

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