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Heaven Scent

by | 9th, June 2004

‘FOR years men have been invited to splash it all over, to surf into a hot date on a wave of spicy scent.

Has he not fragrance?

Real men wear such-and-such a perfume. The combination of leather and badger musk is guaranteed to keep you smelling great – even after a Vindaloo with the lads, ten pints of enlivening lager and a sweaty rendition of Hi Ho Silver Lining at the local nightclub.

But such a lifestyle of hedonistic excess is not for all men. And so it is that the Express brings news of a new scent on the market: ‘Eau de Cliff.’

The man smelling of mistletoe and wine, old churches and rock ‘n’ roll is Sir Cliff Richard, whose new range of toiletries comes to us under the name Miss You Nights.

Alongside the eau de perfume and body lotion, those who want to smell like Cliff can scrub up in a shower gel and soap.

Cliff explains all. ‘I had the idea to create a perfume for you,’ says Cliff to his legion of fans, ‘when I saw the pleasure it gave my sisters when I gave them perfume for their birthdays or Christmas and I wanted to do the same for my extended family.

‘So I chose a romantic, warm oriental scent, just right for winter evenings and those special occasions.’

And sales are expected to be buoyant – although, given the age and disposition of many of Cliff’s fans, it’s a surprise his range doesn’t include a rich and sensual embalming fluid.’

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