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The Morning After Pill

by | 9th, June 2004

‘WHILE the Mail goes crazy for jeans that can rid women of cellulite just by their wearing, we at Anorak Towers are inexplicably drawn towards another story of scientific genius.

‘And a bottle of pills please, barmaid!’

The Sun says that today is the day when we wave goodbye to the hangover.

We may also like to flip it the finger and issue a threat that, if it ever returns, it’ll be so much the worse for it.

But the hangover would not dare to return, not even after a night of crème de menthe tasting. And, to thank for this, we have the RU-21 pill.

The tablet that prevents the morning after the night before needs to be taken after each drink.

Devised by KGB scientists to extract secrets from their foe during drinking sessions, the pill works by blocking the body’s production of acetaldehyde, so reducing the risk of a hangover.

However, the great news for drinkers is that the pill will not stop you feeling drunk or vomiting.

Nor will it stop you from hugging strangers, fighting with lampposts, smashing up parts of Portugal and singing Summer Holiday at the top of your lungs in a Mediterranean jail.

Or fancying Victoria Beckham…’

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