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Rotten To The Core

by | 9th, June 2004

‘NEW York used to be the city that never sleeps – these days it is fast becoming the city that sleeps because there’s bugger all better to do.

Fine $175: Politicians making idiotic pronouncements

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s mission to turn one of the most vibrant and exciting cities on earth into a place that even people who live in Vermont would find a bit tame continues unabated.

This morning, according to the Times, he is attempting to turn the volume down on the famous buzz of street life in the Big Apple.

Residents face a series of fines of up to $25,000 if they disturb their neighbours.

For instance, dog owners will have to pay $175 if their dog barks for longer than five minutes after dark or 10 minutes during the day.

Ice cream vans will attract a fine of $350 if they dare turn on their electronic chime; motorists will be hit if car alarms go off for three minutes; homeowners if their house alarms exceed 15 minutes.

New Yorkers will be forbidden from mowing their lawns before eight o’clock in the morning and after seven at night on weekdays, and before nine o’clock and after six at weekends.

Mayor Bloomberg’s pettifogging has already resulted not only in smoking being banned in bars and restaurants, but in it being illegal to have an ashtray in your office.

It’s also illegal to put a bag on the seat next to you on the subway even if the whole carriage is empty, to sit on an upturned milk crate on the sidewalk or to ride a bicycle without at all times keeping your feet on the pedals.

Big Apple? It all sounds like it’s gone pear-shaped…’

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