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by | 11th, June 2004

”IS Don Johnson bankrupt?’

To pay or not toupee?

And that’s not morally bankrupt, but financially – as the Enquirer tells the world that the actor who made it acceptable for men from Miami to Melton Mowbray to be seen alive in pastel-pink jackets could be on his uppers.

So, as Johnson stepped off a yacht in Cannes looking like a ‘million bucks’, the Enquirer got to work looking at his finances.

And the magazine has discovered that Johnson recently put his ‘beloved’ Colorado mountain ranch up for sale.

And in April, he filed for something called Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Denver for a company he owns called Timber Doodle Glade Equity Venture LLC.

The smell of failure lingers over Johnson, although when you consider that his fourth wife is Kelley Phleger is described as a socialite and heiress to a San Francisco family and worth an estimated $45m at the time of their wedding in 1999, it’s an oddity that he should be thought to be anything but rolling in it.

How can it be that Johnson owes a reported $22,000 to a dozen local businesses in the Denver area, including over five grand to a grocery store and £1,228.52 to the Isberian Rug Co?

His spokesman, Eliot Mintz, says the bills just ‘fell through the cracks’ and they will all be paid.

That’s good. But we’re more interested in what he bought at the rug company. Johnson, who looks as wavy and bouffant as he did in his 1980s heyday, may like to enlighten us…’

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