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Boom Or Bust

by | 14th, June 2004

‘MICHELLE reacted to Stuart’s flirting in the only way that a would-be glamour model should – by taking her top off.

Our cups runneth over

She may have the dodgiest boat since King George V uttered the famous words “God bless the Titanic and all who sail in her”, but it’s her chest that Michelle hopes will be her fortune.

However, a report in the Mail suggests that the woman who gives Geordie slappers a bad name might need to wait for an economic downturn before she makes it big.

According to a survey, when times are good men set their sights on younger girlish-looking women with big eyes and softer features, but when times are bad they seek solace in curvaceous women with comforting maternal figures.

“In short, we want someone to have fun with when times are good and someone to take care of us when times are bad,” says the report’s author Dr Terry Pettijohn, who came to his conclusions after studying Playboy centrefolds over the past 40 years.

If the research turns out to be true – and flat-chested Ruth Lea, director of the Centre For Policy Studies, has her doubts – then it could provide a useful tool for economic forecasters.

All we can say is that, judging by the picture of stunna Louise Thomas in a St George’s cross bikini on the front of the Star, we’ve never had it so good…’

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