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Healthy McPuddings

by | 14th, June 2004

‘IF you are wondering why Kerry has only reached the fourth step of our seven-step programme, it is because there are still some things that irritate her.

Eating out with the McPaddings

And one of them is “when magazines do things on summer diets and getting in shape”.

“All I do is look at the body, I never look at the diet plan,” says Kerry. “It doesn’t really irritate me, but it wastes a lot of space.”

Indeed it does – and it is therefore something of a disappointment to see OK! guilty of the very crime Kerry is talking about in this week’s issue.

Space that could have been devoted to Jade and Jeff’s “reunion exclusive”, J-Lo’s “wedding exclusive” or an interview with “tasty TV queen” Jennifer Ellison is instead wasted on two C-list celebs prattling on over 11 pages about “the AMAZING secrets of our two-stone weight loss”.

And who would those two celebs be? Why, it’s none other than our old friends, Kerry and Bryan…’

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