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by | 14th, June 2004

‘POOR old David Beckham.

Robson in black and white

In his hour of need, while the rest of the team are comforted and pepped up by wives and family at the team’s hotel, he has to make do with texting his wife, or someone.

For all the pizzazz about England’s captain, for all the hype and hoopla, and all that glory, when it came to bend it like he’s supposed to, he didn’t.

But let’s not be too hard on Becks. As a footballer, he’s a key player in the England set-up. So what if he’s no longer the fulcrum around which the team turns – Steven Gerard is now the driving force – he can deliver when required like no other.

The ball he placed onto Frank Lampard’s head was glorious. The header was terrific; but while others in the England team are capable of the finish, no-one can cross it like Beckham.

But for all the game’s drama, there was one more thing that stuck out. And it prompted a question: where was Bobby Robson watching the game from?

ITV’s pundit on the night was less chipping in than having a conversation. It began around 7:45 and continued for the duration of the match.

It was full of earnest, heartfelt emphasis on England’s need to stick it out. Robson was brimming with hope. And comments about Ledley King being a king among players.

And it was utterly unengaging – even Robson’s co-host Clive Tyldesley seemed detached. It was if Bobby was watching the game from a recording studio, or was it a bus stop?

We are no ageists her at Anorak Towers (old Mr Anorak would not allow it) but listing to Bobby talk was like being cornered by an elderly man while in a hurry.

You cock an ear, nod your head and look attentive but you do so from a sense of duty and hope that you will never be stuck in the gent’s company again.

So we had the vision of Bobby talking incessantly and a sound engineer periodically flipping a switch so we at home could hear.

For all we know, Robson’s still talking, still urging England on to better things. And he might not be wasting his breath – not if a lonely David Beckham is listening in.’

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