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Primary Colours

by | 15th, June 2004

‘JUST as most things in Hollywood revolve around the actor Kevin Bacon, we’ve noticed that Robert Kilroy-Silk lies at the centre of world politics.

‘I don’t think much of yours’

Kilroy is one step removed from Joan Collins, one step removed from Tony Blair (Kilroy was once a Labour MP) and two steps removed from Bill Clinton.

The step linking the orange one with the sax addict is revealed by the Guardian.

And the step’s name is Dick Morris, once Clinton’s pollster and now “the brains” behind the UK Independence Party’s electoral strategy.

The paper says that Morris is now in town to tell Kilroy how to gear up for an assault on the General Election.

And that could mean the sighting of the lovely Jan, Mrs Kilroy-Silk, the lady who would be first.

But before that great day, the Telegraph brings news of the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, who yesterday returned to the White House on important business.

It was the unveiling of the official Clinton portraits, one for him, one for her. And the Telegraph has shots of both paintings for us to examine.

In hers, Hillary is seen standing beside a wooden chair, her right hand resting on its back as if to steady herself after a nasty shock, while her left hand lies on the top of a bureau.

Bill meanwhile is standing before a large desk. This could be a risqué moment, but the artist has clearly studied the Clinton years in no small detail and, rather than have Clinton facing the desk, he turns him away.

If anyone is under there, the best or worst they can do is to kiss his buttocks.

Cue George “Dubya” Bush: “Bill Clinton showed incredible energy and great personal appeal,” says the President. “He showed a deep and far-reaching knowledge of public policy…” and so on.

Dubya then gave a plug for his predecessor’s book, the autobiographical My Life, before crawling out from under the desk and straightening his tie.’

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