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A Brum Lot

by | 15th, June 2004

‘HOW clever it was of the authorities to ban all known English hooligans from travelling to Euro 2004 in Portugal!

Let the games begin

Thanks to their zealous planning, the louts, yobbos, ingrates and plain dickheads who wrap themselves in the Cross of St George as they smash up everything in sight got to stay at home.

Did the Football Association not realise that one of the great pleasures for non-violent football fans, and the millions more who don’t care about the national game, is gleaned from watching Gary from Staines getting pepper-sprayed and roughed up by the local plod?

The FA’s ploy means that this year Gary and his mates are free to detonate their own town centres and attack their own policemen.

And the Independent has some photos from Birmingham to prove it.

Alongside a snap of English fans taunting their French rivals before their countries’ opening match in Lisbon is a second picture of English fans confronting riot police in England’s second city after the final whistle.

Just as Portuguese police were counting the number of English fans arrested on their unbroken fingers (only one was arrested and deported) – and the FA was starting to believe that the “English disease” had been cured – police were arresting 85 people in violent confrontations in England.

The worst mayhem was in Croydon, the plain south London suburb, where around 400 dolts clashed with police…and in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where a vicar went “berserk”.’

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