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Tiger Shoot

by | 15th, June 2004

‘WHILE our footballers’ wives are busy boosting national morale and the Portuguese economy, what are their rugby-playing equivalents up to?

Another summer of loving

Well, if you’re Diana Stewart, 25-year-old girlfriend of Jonny Wilkinson, you’re wearing a white tennis skirt and acting as ball-girl for a match between Tim Henman and John McEnroe.

Except it isn’t John McEnroe at all, but impressionist Alistair McGowan in what, as presented in the Express, looks suspiciously like an Ariel advert.

Meanwhile, the real John McEnroe was busy getting his claws into The Tigerish One, branding Henman “boring” and “robotic”.

Obviously, he didn’t say that at all, but the Express is never one to let facts get in the way of a good story as anyone who has read its lies about immigration can attest.

What he did say was that the treadmill of modern tennis had drained much of the charisma and excitement from the game.

And he urged Henman to “get with the fans”.

“They are rooting for you,” he said. “Respond to them, harness their energy, love them back.”

Sound advice no doubt, but easier said than done. Has McEnroe seen what the average Henmaniac looks like?’

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